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Seminars / Webinars

2025 Updates on Employment Law Seminar/Webinar will be held this year on November 7, 2024. This program also examines COVID-19 laws, State and Federal legislation and case law on Wage and Hour Claims/Overtime, Exempt v. Non-Exempt Status, Sexual Harassment, Whistleblower Claims, Terminations, Discrimination, Leave of Absence, Workers’ Compensation issues, and much more. To register for this webinar by zoom, please register via registration form or call the office at (909) 798-9800.

The following is a list of seminars (and/or interactive webinars by Zoom) currently available Hopper & Associates can provide once per calendar year at your place of business for a fee of $700.00 for up to 50 attendees. Clients receive a reduced rate of $400.00 for their first seminar of the calendar year with every other seminar provided for clients at the standard rate of $700.00. For in-person seminars, the seminar must take place within a 60-mile radius of the City of Redlands. Each seminar has a written outline and is typically 1 to 2 hours in length. All programs include certificate training. There are numerous seminars offered including, but not limited to the following:

  • Two Hour State Mandated Civility Training (most popular)
  • Employment Law 101 (Our second most popular seminar)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Arbitration and Employment
  • Bystander Training Pursuant to the California Government Code 12950.2
  • Determining Exempt versus Non-Exempt
  • Diversity in the Workplace (Recommendations and Training)
  • Dress Code and Gender Identification Liabilities
  • Drug Testing
  • Employers’ Rights Regarding Union Activates
  • Gossip (Prevention Training)
  • Hiring and Terminating Employees
  • Injury and Illness Training
  • Interviewing and Screening Potential Employees
  • Investigating Complaints regarding Harassment, Discrimination, and/or Retaliation
  • Leaves of Absence Management
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Preparing/Understanding/Purpose/Review of Employee Handbooks
  • Privacy in the Workplace
  • Proper Methods to Criticize and Discipline Employees
  • Right of Privacy in the Workplace
  • Secret and Non-secret Methods to Avoid Losing Your Home Because of Employment Litigation
  • Updates on Employment Law
  • Working Together as a Team
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Combination of two or more of the above seminars